Training 'On Location' for
Real Estate Agents

Real estate in the Washington DC area is extremely competitive.  Realtors need every possible advantage to set themselves apart from the crowd. Our ‘On Location’ Staging Training for Realtors is one way that you can give your agents that extra advantage.


Top Real Estate Agents know that in order to get the best price for their clients they need to offer some level of home staging to their clients. Parker’s ‘On Location’ Training is a modified version of our popular Home Staging 101 training that can take place at your office.  Our 'On Location' hands on training experience for real estate agents will allow experimentation with the fundamentals of staging a property. You will only need to bring the agents and provide the space and we will bring the furniture, decor and expertise. 


This fun and interactive 3 hour course will teach agents to style beds and sofas, maximize awkward spaces and create staging vignettes that work.  At the conclusion of the course, participating agents will be able to provide additional value to their clients.


For more information or to schedule your 'On Location' Training, call 1-866-512-7659 or email