Design Styles, Color Stories & Trends 

Stay up to date with the ever so changing trends with this course. 

In this course we will go in depth about the characteristics of the main three styles in design. While also touching on points of color and styling for staging trends. 

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Room Layouts & Contents

In this course we cover the basics of knowing the standard layouts and contents of each room in a house or condo for staging purposes. We will discuss the importance of scale as well as the difference in Functional and Design Layouts. 


Beds, Pillows, & Throws

From the beds to the finishing touches, we cover it all! 

We give you both, the pros & cons to Air vs. Real Beds. We will discuss types and techniques for accent pillows and throws, and how to layer surfaces for a more cozy look. 


Get In The Zone

'Get in the Zone' is a two-hour hands on course that teaches participants how to select staging furniture, art and decor to appeal to specific markets. At its heart, staging is a marketing tool for real estate."Get in the Zone" is designed to teach aspiring stagers and designers the art of tapping into the desires, aspirations and lifestyle preferences of a variety of potential home buyers in order to inspire action!

'Get in the Zone' combines design and marketing psychology in an experimental and concise manner.

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Vignettes: Kitchen & Surfaces / Shelving

This course puts you in the driving seat of styling!! 

We introduce the key elements of all vignettes, plate settings and book shelf stylings.